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BardAI Review: Google employees link recent layoff to ‘poorly launched’ product

Since the launch of BardAI, a product designed to rival ChatGPT, there has been open criticism from the public with the latest coming from employees of Google.

BardAI made a factual error in a recently shared promotional video as observed by a review team that has refused to overlook the glitch.

The recent layoff of some staff, which saw thousands of Google workers return home, was linked to the poor outcome of the BardAI product.

In a criticism directed to the CEO Sundar Pichai, employees vented that the launch as “rushed” and “botched,” adding that the recent layoffs was “myopic.”

The seemingly aggrieved staff members have, through the company’s internal forum, Memegen, cautioned that the CEO take “a long-term outlook” in reviewing the development.

Google may have to consider the effect of the review to bring its business to shape as the market seems to suddenly react to the observation.

Analysts observed that since the promotional video hit the public domain, Alphabet Inc’s shares have reportedly fell nearly 9 percent with its market value plunged by more than $100 billion.

Will Google withdraw the product from the market to fix some of these concerns? Or, will Google send BardAI to its cemetery where numerous ideas have now been retired?

Ridwan Adelaja
Ridwan Adelaja
Ridwan Adelaja is a senior editor and tech venture analyst with experience in PR and Advertising for corporate companies and African startups. He runs commentary on startup news and developments across Africa. His works can be found on Ventures Africa, Nairametrics, Ripples Nigeria, QuickNews Africa, Arbiterz, amongst others. He could be reached via +2348025300029 or


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