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CodeSquad LLC hosts successful AI Tech symposium in Kwara State

Artificial Intelligence (AI) experts gathered at the CodeSquad Techies Meet-Up event in Ilorin, the Kwara State capital, to discuss the current state of the industry and the pool of opportunities it presents for professionals. 

The event, which took place at the CodeSquad head office in Ilorin, brought together leading experts in AI, including software developers, designers, hardware engineers, researchers, and undergraduates.

Adeyinka Adekeye, CEO and founder of CodeSquad, who was represented by Yusuf Olanrewaju, noted that the symposium was designed to facilitate the robbing of minds of tech stakeholders in Ilorin and environs as CodeSquad seeks to create a bubbling atmosphere for both designers and developers.

The keynote speaker, Esinniobiwa Qoreeb, a pioneer software developer in Kwara State and Creative Director of PacifyLabs Technologies Limited, spoke on how to leverage A.I. to advance software development career.

Qoreeb, who is also a member of the Kwara Innovations Support Network (KWISN), emphasized the significance of A.I. in the industry, especially in terms of time economy as A.I. platforms can help developers write bug-free codes or translate from one programming language to another efficiently when expertly deployed.

Idris Munir, an engineer, lecturer, and Senior Data Scientist at Classy Advertising in Portugal, spoke on the persisting fear that has gripped the industry on whether A.I. will replace most tech jobs or create more opportunities for developers and designers.

Idris, who joined the session virtually from South Africa, where he is undergoing his doctoral program at the Stellenbosch University, South Africa, allayed the fears of delegates, noting that A.I. should rather be seen as a technology to augment intelligence instead of replace it, suggesting the naming Augmented Intelligence (A.I.) be registered as such.

Following the keynote address, a panel of AI experts discussed career development roadmaps for professionals interested in entering the industry. 

The panel session, moderated by Techparley’s Ridwan Adelaja, included KWISN’s Memunat Manzuma; Sterling Bank’s mobile software developer, AbdulHameed Quadri; and keynote speaker Esinniobiwa Qoreeb.

The panelists shared their experiences in the industry and provided insights on the skills and knowledge necessary for success in AI. 

They highlighted the importance of continuing education and the need for a multidisciplinary approach to problem-solving.

One of the key takeaways from the panel was the need for diversity and inclusivity in the AI industry. 

The panelists stressed that the tech industry, particularly A.I. was open to a broad range of people, and that the ability to code doesn’t have to determine who plays in the space.

As AI continues to advance and shape our world, events like this will play an increasingly important role in driving innovation and fostering collaboration between academia and industry.

Ridwan Adelaja
Ridwan Adelaja
Ridwan Adelaja is a senior editor and tech venture analyst with experience in PR and Advertising for corporate companies and African startups. He runs commentary on startup news and developments across Africa. His works can be found on Ventures Africa, Nairametrics, Ripples Nigeria, QuickNews Africa, Arbiterz, amongst others. He could be reached via +2348025300029 or


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