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Elon Musk fires Twitter developer over criticism on social media

Billionaire owner of Twitter and CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk, has fired a developer following a heated exchange of words between the duo on Twitter.

The latest lay off comes on the heels of a lay off spree where thousands of staff from departments including ethical AI, marketing and communication, search, public policy, wellness and other teams were dropped by the company.

Musk, in a tweet on Monday, had apologized for a perceived slow loading speed of Twitter across Android devices. 

Musk, in the tweet addressed to users, claimed the app was doing over “1000 poorly batched RPCs” to load the homepage across countries. 

The claim, considered as a call-out of the devs team, was criticized by a Twitter Developer by name Eric Frohnhoefer, disagreeing with the billionaire, and writing off his claim as “wrong.”

Eric claimed to have worked at Twitter under the Android department for approximately 6 years, suggesting to have more information than a Musk who is barely a month or a little more into Twitter as a new owner, manager and investors.

A follow up tweet from Musk requested Eric to “correct”him, challenging him to state the right figure.

Going by the event and similar occurrences over the years, Musk is arguably the most publicly criticized, antagonized billionaire given his super sanguine temperament that doesn’t shy from engaging in debates, even across social media platforms.

The sack has further generated debates online with a party faulting the billionaire while others condemning Eric for his approach.



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