Learn how to enjoy your marriage without tears

Heart-to-Heart With My Sister is a complete guide to maneuvering marriage-related issues –embellished with guidance from the Quran and Sunnah.

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What you will learn


Discover how you can achieve greatness and sense of fulfillment as a woman without compromising your religion. See step to step guidance and recommendations to follow when at crossroads.


Find out how successful marriages are built. The foundations that must be laid before entering into any marriage contract. Why marriages crash, and how to prevent same as a woman.

Mental wellbeing

While marriage can be overwhelming, especially for young couples. Leverage experts opinions on staying mentally stable and how to navigate towards reaping the tranquility that comes with successful marriages.


Learn about the impact of career on marriage. The challenges and blessings that may be derived therein. Find guidance to live by in its most sincere form.


Discover the rich stories of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, his companions, and other pious predecessors. Find out about their journey through life, especially as it relates to various marriage realities.


What people are saying

“Loaded with relevant and much-needed information for women of various ages, ‘Heart-to-Heart with My Sister’ is a must have for every Muslimah who aims to get the best out of living in the 21st century while pleasing her Lord.”

-Ibn Agbajay

“I am not surprised at the treasure this book is, having known the author Majeedah Ashimi Idris and her passion to always ensure the Muslim and (especially) the Muslimah are always on the right path seeking the face of their Lord.”

-Umm Abdirrahman Kifaayah Bukky

“Alhamdullillah for Allah enabling my noble sister Umm Sumayyah Mai for putting this timely advice to our sisters. Her doing this work is very noble because of how our Religion (Islaam) places a lot virtue on giving sincere advice.”

-AbuAmeenah Abd’Hakeem Inenemo

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Reading Heart2Heart will save you marital stress, time, and money to book sessions with marriage counselors.

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