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Meet Vincent Okezie: A 16-year old Nigerian with 5 Guinness World Records

Vincent Okezie was a 15-year old secondary school boy in 2022 when he set four Guinness World Records.

He hails from Abia State where he schools and works as an apprentice at his Uncle’s mechanic workshop.

On the eleventh of March 2022, Vincent kicked off with 129 consecutive passes of a football passed between his head and soles while he balanced on the back of another person.

On the same day, he also became the World Record holder for achieving ten backward (the most consecutive) handsprings with a football between his legs.

Before 2022 ended, Vincent set two more Guinness World Records as a football freestyler performing wonders with the ball.

Vincent clinched his fifth world record in football freestyling on the third of March 2023 when he set a new record for executing 71 football ‘around the world tricks’ which he achieved while linking his arms.

Vincent Okezie is currently an SSS2 student who often comes first or second in class. This points to the fact that he combined both body and mind ‘intelligence.’

You may begin to wonder why he hasn’t gotten any endorsement from government or private companies.

The reason is simple: No Strategic Dramatic Branding. Hilda Baci enjoyed strategic dramatic branding.

This stresses the fact that: if you don’t tell people what you have done or what you are doing; if you don’t tell them in a strategic and dramatic way, you will remain where you’ve always been: lost, unknown, moneyless.

Joshua Idowu Omidire
Joshua Idowu Omidire
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