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Who is Shahzada Dawood? One of Pakistan’s Wealthiest Men Aboard the Missing Titanic Submersible

Shahzada Dawood, a prominent figure in Pakistan’s business world and one of the country’s wealthiest individuals, is currently missing along with his son, Suleman. They were on board a submarine that set out on a tour to explore the remains of the Titanic but lost contact at a depth of thousands of feet underwater. With a successful career and notable affiliations, Shahzada Dawood’s disappearance has sparked concerns and garnered attention. Let’s delve into the background and details surrounding Shahzada Dawood and his son’s unfortunate situation.

Shahzada Dawood: Wealth and Influence

Shahzada Dawood, 48 years old, holds an esteemed position as the Vice Chairman of Engro Corporation Limited, a prominent company engaged in the production of fertilizers, food, and energy. Additionally, he serves as a UK-based board member of the Prince’s Trust charity, showcasing his commitment to philanthropy. Educated at reputable institutions, Shahzada Dawood earned an M.Sc. in Global Texting Marketing from Philadelphia University in the United States and an LLB from Buckingham University. Furthermore, he holds the position of Vice Chairman at Dawood Hercules Corporation, a chemical manufacturing company.

Originating from Pakistan, Shahzada Dawood ventured to the United Kingdom to pursue his studies in law at the University of Buckingham. The Dawood family holds significant influence in Pakistan, and their prosperity is well-known within the country. Shahzada resides with his wife, Christine, in an impressive mansion located in Surrey. Christine is a life coach, and together, they have two children, Suleman and Alina.

The Disappearance: Shahzada Dawood and Son Aboard the Titanic Tour Submarine

Shahzada Dawood and his 19-year-old son, Suleman, embarked on an extraordinary journey to explore the renowned wreckage of the Titanic, situated 12,500 feet below the surface of the Atlantic Ocean. The tragic turn of events occurred when their submarine, owned and operated by OceanGate Expeditions, lost communication with the surface while positioned approximately 370 miles off the coast of Newfoundland, Canada. In a press release, Engro Corporation stated that Shahzada Dawood and Suleman “embarked on a journey to visit the remnants of the Titanic.”

Rescue efforts are currently underway, with teams from the United States and Canada racing against time to locate and retrieve the missing submarine. The vessel contains enough oxygen to sustain the occupants until Thursday noon, UK Time, 7 am. Alongside Shahzada Dawood and his son, three other individuals were on board the submarine: Hamish Harding, CEO of Action Aviation in Dubai, Paul-Henri Nargolet, a French explorer, and Stockton Rush, CEO of OceanGate.

Possible Rescue Options

Experts specializing in submarines suggest that the best chance of rescuing the stranded individuals lies in employing a remotely operated vehicle capable of reaching depths up to 20,000 feet. This technology would offer the necessary capabilities to navigate and execute a successful retrieval mission.

Shahzada Dawood and his son’s disappearance has left his wife, Christine, and their daughter, Alina, anxiously awaiting any updates or news regarding their safety and well-being.

Stay tuned for further developments and updates on the ongoing rescue operation for Shahzada Dawood, his son Suleman, and the other individuals on board the missing submarine.



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