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Basic tips to stay safe during an earthquake episode: Expert recommendations

The upsetting news of earthquake in Turkey-Syria has continued to generated attention across the globe, with death toll at 24,596 people as of Saturday, February 2023.

A 7.8 magnitude earthquake had struck on Monday, with multiple aftershocks, and unknown number of persons still trapped under the rubble.

While, in most cases, no one sees an earthquake hit coming as it can be such a natural phenomenon, there are times we get some warning signs ahead of time. 

What do experts recommend? Below are some tips to stay safe during an episode of earthquake. 

Disclaimer: This guidelines were issued by the Home Front Command, an Israel Defense Forces mlitary district command. The recommendations cover a variety of bases, including what to do if you’re inside a building, inside a vehicle or on a beach.

First case: If an earthquake strikes while you’re inside:

If an earthquake warning is issued while you’re inside a building, leave the building as fast as possible and head towards an open area, the Home Front Command instructed. Head outside using the stairs, do not use an elevator in the middle of an earthquake warning.

If this is not possible, find a reinforced bomb shelter room, which all buildings in Israel are required to have, or a well-covered stairwell.

If none of the above options are available, the best thing to do is sit in an inner corner of the room or under a heavy piece of furniture and protect your head with your hands.

Second case: If you’re inside a car or other vehicle:

If an earthquake warning is issued while you’re inside a moving vehicle, immediately pull over to the side of the road and wait in the car until the earthquake is over. The car will serve as protection and you should not leave until it is safe to do so.

However, the Home Front Command warns, do not stop under a bridge, near a building or under a steep slope for fear of them collapsing.

Third case: If you’re on or near the beach:

If an earthquake warning is issued, immediately retreat as far as possible from the beach, as earthquakes can trigger tsunamis and flooding. Follow the signs showing the escape route until you arrive at the clearly marked assembly area.

If it is not possible to leave the beach area, find a nearby building and climb to the fourth floor, or higher if possible.

Ridwan Adelaja
Ridwan Adelaja
Ridwan Adelaja is a senior editor and tech venture analyst with experience in PR and Advertising for corporate companies and African startups. He runs commentary on startup news and developments across Africa. His works can be found on Ventures Africa, Nairametrics, Ripples Nigeria, QuickNews Africa, Arbiterz, amongst others. He could be reached via +2348025300029 or Justolaola@gmail.com


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