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Top Ten Trending Afro-India Businesses

The Africans may have lesser buying power but overall size of buyers is high enough to sustain industries. Afro-India trade has grown from just US$ 47 billion in 2012 to reach around US$ 89.54 billion in 2021-22.

  1. Mineral Fuel and Oil – In South Africa alone, fuel and mineral worth $US 8 Billion was provided from India.
  2. Inverters to provide light during a power cut. Indian inverters are very affordable. The prices run from $200 US to $500 USD depending upon the sizes and varieties. Luminous, Exide and Microtek inverters are the popular companies selling Inverters.
  3. Juices and soft drinks from Rasna, Real, Tropicana, Fruitaco are some popular juices that have quenched the thirst of Africans.
  4. Career counseling and Education – may not have grown but there is a hidden opportunity if someone lands into it helping the students come to Indian campus to study. Bangalore, Hyderabad and Calicut have hundreds of African students studying. There are around 25,000 African students in India, mostly from Sudan and Nigeria.
  5. Medical Tourism – South India, has been growing in ayurvedic, natural therapy and other medical specialties which are more affordable than Western hospitals. India is more than 1.4 million medical tourists every year. The Kenyans are the biggest beneficiaries. Chennai medical tourism has been emerging due to its high standard of hospitals and reasonable cost. Because of its renowned doctors and outstanding healthcare facilities, this city attracts about 45% of health tourists from abroad and 40% of domestic health tourists.
  6. Road Vehicles– Africa buys around US $1300 million of cars, trucks and buses along with spare parts.
  7. Pharmaceutical products – The total exports to Africa run over $ USD 17 billion which makes around 20 % per Indian medicine export. Joinhub Pharma, Dr Reddy and Cipla are the leading exporters of pharmaceutical products in Africa. Cipla exports the largest amount of anti- Malaria drugs in Africa.

To conclude, India’s exports to Africa are not only beneficial for its own economic growth and development but also for strengthening the bonds of friendship and solidarity between the two regions. India should continue to pursue its trade agenda with Africa with a spirit of partnership, respect and mutual benefit.

Nadiadwala Nisaar
Nadiadwala Nisaar
Nisaar Nadiadwala (Mumbai) is an author, business analyst and sales strategist. He has hosted workshops in India, UAE, Tanzania and Riyadh. He can be reached via


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