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Twitter restores Donald Trump’s account: Will US also return Trump as President?

Twitter under its billionaire CEO, Elon Musk, has lifted Former US President Donald Trump’s suspended from the platform.

The decision to reinstate the suspended account, according to Musk, was drawn from the wish of the people.

Musk, earlier on Friday, had conducted a poll asking users to vote for or against the reinstatement of Donald Trump’s account.

Last check by Techparley confirms that people for the reinstatement outnumbered people for his continued suspension, with 52% of people for while 48% against the decision.

Recall that Donald Trump’s account was banned following the January 6, 2021, attack on the Capitol.

There have, however, been filters, from socio-political commentators, that the October purchase of Twitter by Elon Musk was a key agenda from Republicans to return Donald Trump as president in 2024.

Critics, especially of Democrats, have maintained that failed attempts by principal figures in the Republican party such as Donald Trump to launch and market new social media led to fronting Musk to buy Twitter, being a social media platform resputed for its influence on politics and business across the world.

Donald Trump had, in the wake of his suspension, launched Truth Social, a private social media that crashed out for not gaining much traction after its launch.

On the poll reinstating Trump, data scientists have noted that the margin was close to be followed, noting that a 4% difference was no clear index.

On Saturday morning, however, Trump’s return to social media, Twitter, has become the hot topic, generating over 1.4M conversations, according to checks by Techparley.

Meanwhile, as at the time of press, the former president is yet to make a statement. 



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