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SUCCESS STORY: CcHub’s Bosun Tijani celebrates Taeillo over fundraiser success 

Nigerian tech ecosystem thought leader, Dr ‘Bosun Tijani, cofounder and CEO of CcHub, has celebrated Taeillo’s recent fundraiser milestone. 

Expressing his excitement on the development via his LinkedIn page on Monday, he shared his experience dealing with the furniture company.

In the post, which he accompanied with screenshots, he wrote:

“My journey with Taeillo started as a frustrated ‘tech hub’ CEO tired of importing furniture from the UK. In the first frame was a tweet in 2018 where I was crying out for recommendations on reliable local furniture manufacturers. I fell in love with Taeillo from day 1, and we ended up ordering a significant quantity of items from the company for our space. 

“Taeillo was just a made-to-order company managed by a 24-year-old with little to no business experience. However, I was blown away by Jumoke Dada’s greatness, and all I could see was the solution to years of pain for furniture consumers in countries like Nigeria. Co-creation Hub (CcHUB) went from providing mentorship to leading Taeillo’s first round and a subsequent bridge through our syndicate.

“My love for Taeillo is not only because of the gap in the market but also due to my knowledge of the craft – I was made to learn furniture making for 3 years while in secondary school as an apprentice. It was tough earning Jumoke’s trust, but it felt like an exciting mission. Today is, as such, yet another reminder of how privileged I am to do what I do. The opportunity to be part of Jumoke Dada’s story is EVERYTHING. More power to you!”

See screenshots below:

Credit: LinkedIn | Dr. ‘Bosun Tijani

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